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Sustainable- What we mean by "Clean textiles".

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When we started out we began by sourcing producers. When finding one, who is working by the standards we want to support, that's when we figure out what is it we can collaborate with? That is why we have one product made in Laos, another in Ahmedabad and so on. The production supports traditional ways and is always fair trade and clean. So how do we define clean?

First-the raw material is obviously not treated with anything else but rice water and essential oil. No pesticides, no fertilisers. 

The production has the smallest possible impact on the environment. This is done by only using gathered rain water and by using solar powered energy. If any at all, as in Laos. It is what we call human power.

The production is very small. They call in as many women as they need when they get an order. That is why, every time we get to place a new order, it´s a happy day. Because that means women get work opportunities with a fair pay.

Second- When brands tag their products as "organic" they often only refer to the raw material. Which is good. But they forget to mention the just as toxic substance- the dye. Sadly- you can see the seasons trend colors by the colors of the rivers in fabric producing countries. Because they run pink, blue or whatever the trend is. And rivers run far. Not to mention the people standing up to their knees in those large pools of chemical dyes. Up to 700.000 workers are poisoned every year by these chemicals.

If our products are dyed it will be with harmless dyes or even natural ones. How does mango, onion, kharm, jack fruit sound. Delicious? Yep, that's what we think. However, this means that since no chemicals are added, the dye will change with time. But that is the beauty of it.

For example- our bed linen are white. This is because it is very difficult to dye such large pieces of fabric with these less harmful dyes. For that you need chemicals. And we avoid them. 

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