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Our philosophy


Yes, we know. It is hard to do good. Green washing is a big thing, and there are so many pretty words out there on what to do and what to buy and how to think.

Basically- the best way of leading a sustainable life is to stop consuming all together. Which is a bit tricky. Or- very tricky.

Our approach on the matter is:

1. Buy as little as possible.

2. When you do state the fact, after thinking twice or more, that you really     need an item- browse around.

3. Find a producer that provide the item you are looking for, and read up on them. Read their presentation and thoughts on what they sell.

4. Ask questions. Get in touch and have a chat! 

5. Hopefully you will love the item you purchase. Then- wear it, use it, love it till the very end. That means mending, washing with care or perhaps just airing it. Reduce, re-use, recycle. 

We produce and sell items we had a hard time finding ourselves. Items that provide dignified work opportunities for women and small artisans. That may mean it will cost a little bit more, but that's just the thing. An item produced by small producers means they are not able to produce a massive amount. That means the impact on the environment is automatically smaller. 

We choose certified suppliers whenever possible.

We work with sometimes tiny producers- like women in remote villages in Laos- where they work from home using traditional skills and ways of weaving and dying.

Our producers set the price. We don't have agents that find the cheapest factory, we choose the people we work with based on what they already make, and base our designs and items on that. 

Monsoons and drought will mess things up sometimes. Our latest batch of our beautiful bedlinen from India was called "the lucky batch". Lying on top of a huge pile on a table- they survived the flooding of the studio.

Small batches also means we run out. And that is what makes it kind of beautiful. Well made and a small level of uniqueness.