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Kapok for kings! A fabulous sustainable material.

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Organic cotton covers.Kapok- sustainable fibre fit for kings!Recipe for Noy Rd cushion. Cotton & Kapok.

Super happy to be able to offer a sustainable pillow for our organic cushion covers. We chose not to in the beginning, because we had a hard time finding just that. But- behold. Kapok!

A material not very well known here in Europe, but it has been used for a long time in other parts of the world as filling of pillows and mattresses. Kapok does not hold water, so it is perfect for this. Next time I catch a cold and come down with a fever- I´ll make sure I am sleeping on one of these...

The enormous Kapok tree grows wild in South America and Asia- often to the impressive age of 300 years. Every year each tree produces ca 3000 seed pods! They are picked by hand and dried in the sun. The fibre is 80% air and 8 times lighter than cotton.

The Kapok fibre has a thin layer of an anti-bacterial substance that mites hate, which is what make the Kapok great for people with allergies. Ever seen one those scary documentaries on TV where they show who lives in you bed and sofas?  Them mites are kind of scary looking... I try not to think about them, but now at least, I can skip them in our pillows!

Traditionally it has been the fibre of choice amongst kings and royalties in Asia and Europe. Give it a try! You do sleep like a king. We promise!

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