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Words from a clever man

Ban Ki-Moon: Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance. He is a clever man. We can only agree.

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Clean cotton

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When growing organic cotton you can´t use genetically modified seed. Fertilisers and pesticides are banned as well. 2-3 times a year, the cotton is picked- by hand. Drip irrigation is often used which helps save water, and by picking the cotton by hand you avoid ending up with soil that has become rock solid due to very heavy machines. Soil that is loose need less watering. Kind of goes without saying really. Amazingly- to one kilo conventionally grown cotton farmers can use 1 kg of chemicals and 30.000 liters (!) of water. To put that in perspective- that equals about...

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Indigo- steeped with myths.


Making indigo dye is an ancient art that is steeped in myths. It is made from the leaves and shoots of the Kharm plant. The first step- picking -is the easy one. Then you need an artist making the indigo. She ferments it and keeps the kharm-mixture in air-tight jars at the required temperature. And do make sure you keep menstruating women away from the jars! Her presence could upset the indigo spirit and render the dye useless! Natural indigo contains no chemicals or toxic metals, and wearing fabrics dyed with indigo is believed to be good for the skin!...

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Almost there!

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Yay! This is very exciting! Though I absolutely hate stomping through things figuring out how to get something technical to function. I admit to being a trial and error kind of person. But I am getting there- so when you read this- I did it!!! We do hope you like it. We are in constant contact with lovely Bay, discussing when to get our next (exquisite, by the way) load of products! A little hint- it has to do with sleeping.. Can´t wait! Happy wishes- L

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