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Black/White thick Turkish towel

710 kr

Loomed from the finest Turkish organic cotton, this is a large luxurious bath towel that you will use for a long time, when taken care of.

Hand made in Turkey on wooden looms- the technique results in soft and highly absorbent textiles that have a strong structure making them durable and long-lasting. The structure of a looped towel made on a loom is completely different from a towel made on a factory machine.

Size: 160*85 cm

Care: The towel is highly absorbent but will need breaking in to reach its full absorbency potential. Soak in cold water for 24 hours before washing it in the washing machine-teaching it to become absorbent more quickly. We recommend soaking them 3 or 4 times- after using them and before washing them. Avoid bleach and fabric softener since this will damage the fibres.

Your organic cotton towel may release a considerable amount of fluff in the beginning. You can speed up the "de-fluffing" process by running your towels through the dryer on a cool-medium temperature. The fluff will disappear even without a dryer, though it will take a little longer.

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